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The mine is located in the western foothills of the Buda Hills, 28 km from Budapest, on the outskirts of Sóskút. The activity is based on a raw material with a very high silica content, which was installed in situ in a 10 million-year-old river depot. The raw material is characterized by high biological and chemical purity, a highly abraded, rounded grain shape. These characteristics distinguish the mineral assets owned by the Company from the mines that provide general construction quality. Our company was founded in August 1992 as a subsidiary by the National Ore and Mineral Mines Company. It has been operating as a Ltd. since January 1993. The owners of the Ltd. are Hungarian natural persons.

Our company consists of three overlapping parts:
  • open-cast mining and transportation,
  • wet operation sand and sandsalt,
  • drying and dry sorting plant

The number of our finished products exceeds forty. A laboratory with two shifts is used to test the finished products. In order to ensure the quality continuously, our company has been operating in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9002: 1994 since August 1999, and since September 2002 we have been ensuring the appropriate quality of our products in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000. The materials leaving the mine in the mined state are used in earthworks and non-ferrous metal casting. The proportion of our products sold in the mining state is not significant. A significant part of the raw material extracted from the mine is transported by truck to the sand washing plant. Here, it is classified in the wet phase and at the same time the bentonite, which appears as an accompanying mineral, is deposited. The end product of the plant part is a 95-98% SiO 2 content, free of impurities, sharply classified sand and gravel product, which is sold in bulk and in bags. The third independent plant operated by our company is the drying and sorting technology. The starting material is the purified and pre-classified end product of the sand washer. The dried material is placed in a tower building where the final grading is performed on a state-of-the-art Allgaier swaying cribble. The separation sharpness of the resulting final product can reach 95%.

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The market for our products is diversified. Number of our regular large customers exceeds 20 and the number of our regular customers exceeds 150. A significant recipient of our washed products is the production of demanding concrete products, mostly foreign-owned companies, which make paving and fine concrete products from our raw materials. In addition, washed products, mainly bagged, are used as filter fillers nationwide by filtering and water treatment technologies. Our washed products are also used in the construction of golf courses, sports fields and beaches. Approximately 17 kind of finished products leaving the dry sorter, which are delivered to customers in bulk, or in tank trucks and bags.

Areas of use:
  • manufacture of tile adhesives and floor leveling compounds,
  • surface cleaners, shot blasting for cleaning of metal, stone and concrete surfaces,
  • mechanical filter filling for drinking water filters,
  • manufacture of resin, concrete products and floor coverings,
  • casting of non-ferrous metals,
  • road and rail slip reliefs, etc.
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